Do you have a healthy tree on your lawn? You should know that it only takes a single thunderstorm to transform that healthy tree into a dangerous one. It’s actually amazing to see how much pressure a healthy tree can withstand. However, if it does give in, are you safe? Is your life or property at risk? Are there indications that you can see in a tree to help you figure out if it’s a dangerous one?

Typically, trees have indications of failure and weakness that can be detected quite easily if you know what to search for. If you see one of these signs, call tree services in Lafayette IN right away.

The Tree is Leaning Visibly Over Time

It’s a perilous and obvious indication that you need assistance if the angle of the tree is changing gradually over time. The tree’s roots can rot away to the extent that there’s little holding the tree. All it takes is a minor push to cause the tree to fall. In addition to that, the roots can be extremely shallow and not offer the support required as the tree grows.

Trunk Holes

Holes in the trunk show that a branch has rotted into the tree. It’s probably going to generate weakness in the stem or branch. Eventually, hollow areas in trees will probably lead to the tree’s downfall over time. You should also keep in mind that it is a lot more difficult to take down a tree if you take long to deal with a problem like that. It has a higher chance of doing more damage or harm.

Dead Limbs

A dead limb isn’t a huge deal. However, whenever you see an entire part of the tree losing its leaves while the rest of it is having healthy ones, there’s a chance that the roots have been damaged or that something isn’t right with the tree. Oftentimes, this happens whenever the homeowner did some work in the ground next to the tree. The entire side of the tree will often die because of the roots being cut.

Tree Cracks

If you see deep cracks in your tree, it is an indication that your tree is stressed. You’ve got more chances of the tree or branch falling over if the crack is deeper or longer. If the crack is already big, you’ve got no other option but to get rid of it. If this is the case, you need to call a professional arborist to safely get rid of the tree.

Keep in mind that tree removal isn’t a DIY job. This is particularly true if the tree is mature already. If you don’t have the tools or equipment to safely cut a tree, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals.

If you see the signs mentioned above, you have to call a professional arborist right away. This will help you ensure your safety. An arborist can offer the right solutions for your problem. They can decide whether it’s safe to leave the tree or if it’s best to get rid of it.