How to Prevent Septic Failures

Most often, septic systems fail because the system’s owners do not know why it matters or how it works.

For those who don’t know, septic systems produce an organic relationship between bacteria, soil, and water that effectively and naturally get rid of the excess water and waste coming from the house. This is an eco-friendly and excellent way to handle the convenience of a well-plumbed and modern property. However, there are several things that can go wrong. Some of these things are caused by nature, while some are caused by humans.

Here are several reasons why your septic system might fail. If you experience one of these issues, call septic services in Fort Wayne IN right away.

Tank Issues

A damaged or a cracked tank, a tank with the incorrect size, and a dirty tank can all cause a failure to your septic system. It is vital to make appointments to examine regularly and clean the septic tank. This will prevent unpleasant repairs or shutdowns.

Compacted Drain Field

Livestock traffic, heavy car, or bad weather can compact the drain filed. Thus, it does not properly work. You shouldn’t drive over the drain field and try to keep big animals off the area. Obviously, you cannot control the weather. However, it’s best to examine the drain field after a huge storm to ensure there is no standing water on it. This is an indication of a back-up.

Harmful Bacteria-Killing Chemicals

Natural cleaners and septic-friendly paper products and soaps help guarantee that the bacteria in your tank are healthy, alive, and doing their job. In addition to that, natural products are better for animals and people as well.

Extreme Use of Water

You should perform a load of laundry every day instead of doing 10 loads in a single day. You need to try to restrict long showers and do not leave the water running whenever you aren’t using it. simply using the amount of water you’ll require will help the drain field to not overload.

Solid Materials in the Tank

You can severely back up your septic tank if you flush bits of food, baby wipes, feminine products, and other solids. You should do so if you can prevent flushing such items or using a garbage disposal. However, if you’ve flushed some solid waste products accidentally or run occasionally your disposal, just pump the septic tank a little more often to ensure it isn’t causing backups.

Tree Roots

Excessive organic growth from the pasture or yard can interfere with the plumbing or drain field from building to the tank. However, it’s typically an easy fix if you discover it early on.

Keep in mind that knowledge is a vital element of keeping your septic system in proper condition. You’ve got to ensure you hire a professional team of septic experts if you need help. These professionals have the tools and knowledge on how to maintain or fix your septic system. A septic issue isn’t something that you can fix on your own. You’ll need help from an expert.