For those coming from outside DC, there are a number of ways to get here.

Ground Transportation

  1. Bringing a Group On a Bus

If you are bringing a group on a bus, please click here to register your group and your bus. We need you to register so we can communicate vital information to you as well as help connect you with others in your area in need of a bus ride. More details will be sent after you register. Check info about parking, permits, and more at

  1. Need a Ride – Bus Version

There are two options if you want to get a seat on a bus. First, you can check the bus board by clicking here. Here there will be a list of buses already coming to DC. You will need to contact the organizer of the bus directly to find out if there is still space. Check this page often as the list will change.

The second option, for those of you coming from a big city (NY, Boston, Philly, etc.), is Here you can purchase a seat on a bus coming from your city to DC.

If you have a large group but no bus, can help with that too. Go to or call 844-428-7568.

  1. Need a Ride – Carpool Version

We have set up a page at to help connect folks driving to DC with those needing a ride. Click here to view available carpool rides or to add your car to the list.



Amtrak serves Union Station from a number of locations all over the East Coast and out to Chicago and points west. In addition, Metro’s Red line serves Union Station so you can easily get around town once you arrive.



The closest airport to the rally location is Washington National Airport. If you are staying at a hotel in Virginia, Washington Dulles Airport may be closer. Contact your hotel for details.


Public Transit Information

Public transit is a great way to get around Washington, DC. The subway system is called Metro and the buses are called Metrobus. In order to ride Metro or Metrobus, you must purchase a SmarTrip card. To help speed you on your journey, you can buy your Metro SmarTrip card before you arrive. Make sure that you order your SmarTrip card at least a week before you come to DC to allow for processing and shipping time. You can buy your SmarTrip card online at

The Rally 2 End Racism will take place on the National Mall in Washington, DC. The closest Metro station to the rally location is the Smithsonian Metro Station. The Orange, Blue, and Silver lines serve this station. For detailed directions via Metro go to and enter your starting point. Your ending point will be the Smithsonian Metro Station.

If you happen to be closer to the Red line, feel free to take it to the Metro Center Metro Station. From there you can walk down 11th Street to the National Mall or transfer to the Orange, Silver, or Blue line.

Check back for information about transportation to and from the rally.