Q: Why April 4th?
A: April 4th is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Events on this day will be taking place across the country. The nation’s attention will be focused on ending racism.  It’s the perfect day to launch our multi-year effort to finish Dr. King’s work.

Q: There have been rallies to end racism before.  What’s different about this one?
A: The events of April 3-5 are only the beginning; a multi-faceted effort, involving partners from all walks of life, will unfold afterward. This is a rally and a call to action. This is also the first time churches across the United States have joined together to end racism, and that makes this unique.

Q: How can I organize a bus, or join a bus that’s already going?
A: Yes! We are expecting buses from all parts of the country.  Look for a page on this website, dedicated to event logistics, soon.

Q: Will there be parking?
A: There will be parking for buses.  Plan to park your own car at your hotel; there are many ways to reach the mall via public transportation.

Q: Is there an official hotel for the rally?
A: We are anticipating a crowd too large for an official hotel.  You will need to make your own housing arrangements with hotels, AirBnB, or with friends in the area.  To help, we have worked out a few deals and have created a page here.

Q: How can I donate to this wonderful effort?
A: You may donate online at our website.  Use the link: http://www.rally2endracism.org/donate/ to donate using a credit card, PayPal, or to receive instructions on how to send a check.  Consider making a donation in honor or in memory of someone important to you.

Q: What will happen after the rally to end racism?
A: This launch event will be followed by an extensive program that will address racism in the areas of church life and practices, criminal, economic and social justice, civil and human rights, environmental justice, immigration, media, and education.