Do you have a tree that looks a bit rough? Are you wondering if a particular blight or spot you have seen lately is normal? Just like any living beings, trees are prone to health diseases and issues that can lead to death, cause unwanted changes, and stop growth. Fortunately, you can revive your tree with the help of tree services in Carmel IN.

Common Tree Diseases

Though a couple of tree illnesses are simple to identify, others are quite hard to spot and will need the help of a professional. Here are some of the most common tree diseases that might attack your tree.

  • Witch’s Broom

This is one type of tree illness that causes a deformed physical look. From the name itself, this disease looks like a dense mass of sticks growing from one area. This leads to a shape that looks like a broom. A witch’s broom can often be cut out from the tree that’s affected. But, the tree needs to be examined carefully by a professional to know if it’s a disease or pest-related.

  • Gall

This is a disease that establishes itself as irregular growths on various parts of the tree. These unappealing bumps can differ in color and size. However, they’re usually described as pouch-like or bladder growth. Almost every gall is made by mites and insects to hide eggs. Though they’re very unappealing, almost every gall is mainly an aesthetic issue and will not usually harm the tree.

  • Mildew

Mildew creates a white coating on the surface of a leaf. It also harms the leaf’s overall health. It can be treated successfully by a professional by using a special fungicide.

  • Leaf Rust

This is a popular disease found in plants and trees. It quietly works to weaken the photosynthesis system of the plant. Because of this, the leaves will have unappealing yellow-brown areas. You can get rid of leaf rust with the help of a fungicide. You can also get rid of the tree branch that’s affected.

Tree Issues

The problems are often less serious compared to tree diseases. Sometimes, they can be fixed with professional help and proper care.

  • Drought Effects

To survive, trees require water. Thus, it isn’t a surprise that drought can result in some severe negative effects. If your tree does not get water for a long period, it can result in long-term effects such as death and stunted growth. While the weather is out of your hands, you can save your tree by periodically watering it during the drought season.

  • Incorrect Pruning

There are a lot of different ways that incorrect pruning can occur. Usually, this happens whenever a homeowner severely under-trimmed or overly trimmed the tree. If you do this, your tree will have a hard time breathing and absorbing water. It is ideal to hire a professional tree service company to guarantee your tree is treated the right way. Pruning can be a DIY project, especially if you’ve got the tools. Else, hiring a professional is your best bet.