Tips on How to Clean and Maintain Your Toilet 

   Toilets are arguably one of the most underrated components of our home, yet it is one of the most important. If our toilets are broken, clogged, or have become very dirty even to use, then our daily routines are hampered, and comfort is lost at our home.  

    With this said, it is very important to maintain the good condition of our toilets, to clean our them regularly so that it won’t accumulate dirt and germs that are very hard to remove. To help you in this task, I will share tips on how to clean and maintain your toilet. 

Clean the Insides 

The insides of our toilet receive the most germs, which is why when you clean your toilet, you should begin in this area. Before you begin cleaning, flush the toilet, so you won’t have to deal with bad odor when you are cleaning, 

You can’t adequately clean your toilet without a solution of all-purpose household cleaner or a toilet cleaner. Obtain one and make sure that it is effective in cleaning, as well as maintaining the luster of your toilet. To know if a cleaning product is such, read reviews and ratings of it online. 

When you have your toilet cleaning solution, pour or spray this solution inside the bowl and wait for it to settle. Letting it settle means waiting for its cleaning property to function, read its label and follow the indicated time. Obtain a brush and scrub the insides of the bowl and then rinse by flushing it in the end. 

If you haven’t able to obtain your toilet cleaner, then you can have a milder alternative in the form of baking soda. Baking soda is also very effective in cleaning, and it also makes your white bowl whiter. This option is also safer for households that have pets that tend to drink on their toilets.  

Cleaning the outsides 

After cleaning the insides of your toilet, then you can proceed on its exteriors. On cleaning it, use the same all-purpose or toilet cleaner, and apply this cleaning solution on the surface, especially on the cover and the seat. Let it set for the same amount of time, and then wipe it with a clean rag or paper towels.  

On cleaning the outsides of your toilet, you also have a natural cleaning solution alternative in the form of water and vinegar. Mix these two substances in equal parts inside a spray bottle. Spray the exteriors of the toilets and then proceed by wiping it off with the clean rag.  

Avoiding Clogging 

    One of the most common problems that our toilets encounter is clogging. Clogging is simply due to the blockage of the passageway of the wastes and water way. When you are not using your toilet, make an effort to always close it. So that no unnecessary objects would accidentally get inside of it, like soap bars, combs, napkins, and other things in the bathroom. 

    In case if your bathroom is already clogged, try to fix it with a plunger. If a plunger doesn’t work, then you might have a bigger problem, and you have to call a plumber for help. To find an excellent plumber, contact dayton drain cleaning. 

How to Start a Roofing Business 

If you have been a roofer for quite a while and want to start a small business using your skills, it’s probably the best time to start your own company. Roofing companies in Tampa is necessary in every place, because each household will need your services. Roofs are important component of a house and a homeowner will invest in your services so they have a strong roof over their heads. However, even though you have the skills of a roofer, you should also be business minded. Business is complicated, so you should know a lot of things especially if you’re a starter. The following is a checklist and will also serve as your guide.  

  1. The Right Expertise 

Like I mentioned, the right expertise should be needed. You don’t only have to expert in one field, and on roofing only. You should also have knowledge about business. These two are the core knowledge of running a business. You should have the qualifications of a roofer and of a business man. To successfully run a roofing company, you should have at least 3-5 years of experience in the industry. If you don’t have experience in business, you can find a partner who is an expert in that. Or better yet, take a business course.  

  1. Entrepreneurial Qualities 

Business is business, you have to sell your goods and services in order to earn. Do not be just mere existing in the field of roofing, build your brand. To do this, you should have entrepreneurial qualities. There are a lot of qualities you should have at the very least you should be persistent, networker, risk taker and delegator.  

In every business, one must be persistent or else he won’t last long. In the roofing business, season can make the business change. There would be times that you can count on your fingers the number of your costumers in 3 months. If there’s low demand, you don’t also thrive. You should prepare yourself for this.  

You should also be a networker. Let your business be heard. Build a name in your local network so your business will grow. Build relationships whenever you can. Next, be a risk taker. Roofing is a dangerous job so you should accept the fact that damages and injuries can happen. Lastly, be a delegator. Make your business available to others, hire people. Do not make it revolve just around you.  

  1. Capital for the Equipment 

As a roofing business, you should have all the necessary tools and equipment needed for the job. You can do a slow initial growth by using a small capital to buy the things you need in your first operation. Allow the tools to pay for it before buying something else. Hire slowly and train your people will. Every business starts small.  

  1. Insurance 

This is one of the most important things. You cannot convince people to hire you if you don’t have insurance. You should have liability insurance, workers compensation, and vehicle insurance so everything is covered.  

  1. Permits and Licenses 

States will demand permits and licenses from a roofing business, and the requirements will vary. The purpose of having these is to allow you legally operate in your area. Customers won’t work with business that doesn’t have permits and licenses.  

Signs You Need to Sell Your Business 

Do you own a business? Are you considering selling it? Here are some signs that may indicate it’s time to sell.  

This blog post is for business owners thinking of selling their businesses. If any of the following apply to you, then it may be time to say goodbye to your business and hello to a new adventure.  

And if you choose to sell your business, hire professional business valuation services to help you get the most out of your business. 

You’re Distracted with Other Ventures 

Distractions are bad for business. They can prevent you from focusing on the task, cause you to make mistakes, and cost you time and money. If you’re constantly distracted by personal problems or outside interests, it’s time to sell your business.  

A distracted business owner will not be able to give their company the attention it needs to thrive. If you’re not 100% focused on your business, someone else will be, and they’ll quickly outpace you.  

So, if you’re feeling stressed, burnt out, or just not as engaged as you used to be, it might be time to move on. There’s no shame in admitting that you can’t do it all.  

Selling your business will allow you to pursue other interests and free up much-needed time and energy. 

You’ve Found the Best Partnership Opportunity 

If you’ve been approached with a partnership opportunity that you think is too good to pass up, then it’s time to start thinking about selling your business. This may seem like a radical step, but it’s the best way to ensure that you can take advantage of the new opportunity without risking your existing business. Here’s why: 


  • A partnership can be a powerful tool for growth but also a source of conflict. If you sell your business, you can avoid the potential for disagreements down the road. 
  • A partnership can give you access to new resources and expertise but also drain your time and energy. If you sell your business, you can focus on the unique opportunity without worrying about your old company. 
  • A partnership can be a great way to expand your reach and grow your customer base, but it can also be a financial burden. If you sell your business, you can use the proceeds to invest in the new opportunity and fund its growth. 

So, if you’ve been presented with a partnership opportunity that you think is too good to pass up, don’t hesitate to sell your business and move on to greener pastures. It may seem daunting, but it’s the best way to ensure you can take advantage of the new opportunity without risking your existing business. And who knows? The new venture may just be the next big thing. 

Your Industry is Shrinking 

Another reason you should consider selling your business is when your industry is dying. So, how will you know if your industry is shrinking? Well, technology and trends in human behavior can predict the future.  

If the prediction does not involve the type of business you’re operating, you should do something today. The best thing you can do is to sell your business.